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Manilla to house Crawford County Freedom Rock
Manilla is proud to be selected as the host for the Crawford county Freedom Rock. With the help of the Manilla Times we are able to provide you with the articles which ran in the newspaper in support of the Freedom Rock project. To keep up to date on the progress pick up the a copy of the Manilla Times and follow them on facebook.

As part of the fund raising Pavers are available for purchase at a cost of $100 each. The bricks will be added in the walkways. Inscription may be up to 5 lines with a maximum of 15 Characters per line.

Dedications may be to Veterans, but are not limited to such. They can be to families, Family members, school classes, friends, business, years established, etc.

Forms can be downloaded below and are available at the City Hall, The Manilla Times, Manilla Bowl, the Juice Bar and Grill, Chamber and Development office, Denison; and the Veteran’s Affairs office, Denison.

Manilla Times on Facebook
Paver Order Form (fillable form)

Manilla to house Crawford County Freedom Rock
(May 15, 2014)

Landscaping for the Crawford County Freedom Rock has been underway for the past several weeks. The landscaping for the project was done by Denison Hardscapes. Nine flags with lights are yet to be erected along with shrubs and other items to be determined. The rock will arrive soon, weather permitting. Pavers are available for pur-chase at a cost of $100 each. The bricks will be added in the walkways. Forms are available at the City Hall, The Manilla Times, Manilla Bowl, the Juice Bar and Grill, Chamber and Development office, Denison; and the Veteran’s Affairs office, Denison.

Manilla to house Crawford County Freedom Rock
By Jordan Kenkel, Manilla Times Staff Reporter
(June 20, 2013)

One of the hottest tourist attractions in Iowa is Greenfield’s patriotic Freedom Rock painted by Ray “Bubba” Sorensen. Due to its popularity, Sorensen has decided to paint rocks across Iowa’s 99 counties as part of his “Freedom Rock Tour.”

With all of the hype surrounding the Freedom Rock, Manilla mayor Leonard Kaufmann, as well as three other local residents, Pat Palmer, Denise Christensen, and Christy Justice, made plans to ensure that Manilla would serve as the Freedom Rock’s “humble abode” and, on Monday, June 17, 2013, Manilla was approved.

At a special meeting on Monday, June 10, Manilla City Council members agreed that the city would pay the $1,000 down payment needed to book the rock.

With the approval, Kaufmann completed and sent Manilla’s application immediately because it seems that in most cases, whichever city is the first to get their application in is chosen.

Along with the $1,000 down payment, an additional $4,000 will be due upon the mural’s completion in the spring of 2016, and there would also be a fee to have a rock delivered. Kaufmann asked that if anyone knows of an appropriate sized rock that could be used, they should contact him.

In addition, Christensen also said that they are looking for individuals with the necessary equipment to assist in loading and unloading the rock once one is found. In order to raise money, Palmer plans to hold a fundraiser where citizens could donate towards the costs needed to house the rock in Manilla.

“With Freedom Rocks in Manning and Earling, one in Manilla will draw people to this area,” said Kaufmann.

Christensen stated, “I am hoping the Freedom Rock will bring people into our town. It will be a huge benefit to the city and will keep the town going.”

“I think the Freedom Rock will be a great patriotic attraction for the town of Manilla and I know how supportive our town is when it comes to honoring our veterans,” remarked Palmer. Kaufmann suggested to the City Council that the rock be placed in the grass lot on the east side of The Times office.

According to the website www.thefreedomrock.com/tour/, a Freedom Rock will generate media exposure and serve as both a tourist attraction and a source of income for the community.

Each mural painted will ultimately create a “buzz” among local media, and press releases will be administered to each news agency. As the “tour” continues, there could even be a possibility of national news coverage.

As the original Freedom Rock tends to generate thousands of visitors annually, it is likely that tourists will make trips to view the various rocks across Iowa throughout the year. All in all, a Freedom Rock in Manilla should boost the local economy as people are drawn in.

For an additional purchase, the city could buy a license to make prints of the copyrighted works, along with both the sketch and finished mural and photos of Ray working on the mural.

With Freedom Rocks in Adair, Ringgold, Dallas, Polk, Pocahontas, and Mitchell counties, Manilla will be “placed on the map” as the home of Crawford County’s unique and patriotic attraction.

Manilla Iowa, is located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Crawford County, minutes from the county seat.

The strength of Manilla is the people who live and work here, and the pride we take in our community and our heritage.


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